Hi, I'm Chad

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have always had an affinity to the arts but didn’t realize my passion for design until later in life. Growing up I was an athlete and played soccer for my state and regions Olympic Development team. Out of high school I attended the University of New Mexico and majored in Sociology. In my fourth year at UNM not entirely sure of what I would do with a Sociology degree I decided to put my graduation on hold and continue playing soccer. Once I expressed my interest in playing again I was offered a scholarship to a college in Kansas. As I had already taken the majority of my undergraduate classes I predominantly took fine art classes to maintain eligibility (this is where I realized my talent in design). After another two years of college soccer and then traveling around the country on various semi-pro and professional teams I was offered the Assistant Men’s Soccer coaching position at the college I previously attended in Kansas. Playing and coaching gave me the opportunity to form relationships with people from all walks of life, different ethnicities, nationalities, socio-economic statuses, and it has helped shape me into the person I am today. After a couple years of coaching in Kansas I decided to pursue my passion for design by enrolling in classes at the Academy of Art University and moving to San Francisco. Four years later here I am with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, lots of life experience and eagerness to keep learning.